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Hochschule der Wirtschaft für Management the subsidued Management Programme

Study Management with businesses

The Management Degree Programmes at the University of Applied Management Studies (HdWM) are special, in that they bring together students and local businesses in a way that combines the theoretical content of a full-time course of study with the maximum of practical experience.

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Study management at HdWM

The bachelor’s degree programme at HdWM is targeted to the needs of the economy. Business management, human resources, marketing, sales, and international business are functional areas for which there will continue to be a strong demand for well-trained managers. You will enjoy the freedom of a full-time degree programme paired with a high degree of practical orientation from day one.

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Get your Master’s in International Management

For the next step in your career development, you will find our doors wide open. In the Master’s in Business Management, the key topics from the undergraduate degree programmes will be studied in further depth with three possible majors, all based on the St. Gallen model. This creates a solid foundation for a successful start to your management career.

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HdWM – Approved, Accredited, Established

The Hochschule der Wirtschaft für Management (HdWM), known in English as the University of Applied Management Studies, is a young, state-approved business university located in the heart of the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region. We are an established part of the German higher education scene, developing management-competences in the areas of HR-, Sales-, and International Business Management. As a student, you will benefit from a very practice-oriented sharing of knowledge, extraordinarily good contacts to the business world as well as the international direction of our study programmes.

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Your contact person Master’s Programmes Carla Ziehmann
Carla Ziehmann Master’s Programmes +49 (0)621 490 890-96 carla.ziehmann@hdwm.org
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